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FarmCeutica has assembled a consolidated supply chain that includes some of the best-managed businesses in the CBD industry. We believe no single company can operate a scalable seed-to-shelf supply chain with maximum efficiency. Our consolidated approach offers superior results through market-specific leadership, structure and vision, never before seen in our developing industry. We drive maximum value to each of our supply chain partners so we can provide, consistency of product quality, pricing and availability to our clients.

UK CBD Market Challenges

In the absence of cannabinoid regulation in the UK, poor testing standards and lax regulation means that some CBD products in the UK have illegal levels of THC or no CBD at all. Lab tests from the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC) have found that 62% of the UK high street products studied didn’t contain the CBD content promised on the label. High levels of heavy metals and pesticides have also been found in a significant percentage of product.In addition, the broker network that have transacted in the current market have made it challenging to complete turnkey solutions for manufacturers and brands with consistent quality products.

Now that the industry is starting to regulate itself, we find ourselves at the forefront and leading the change.

Novel Foods

FarmCeutica has started the NFA (Novel Food application) process. We have also joined the Association for The Cannabinoid Industry (ACI) and the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC). Having our products fully certified and regulated will help ensure we continue to manufacture the highest quality CBD products available.

We decided to join the ACI as a proactive step, in line with the Food Standards Agency’s recent regulatory statement concerning the UK CBD industry. We are looking forward to completing the NFA process well before the March 31, 2021 deadline and believe that joining the ACI will further solidify our position as high quality providers of CBD.

Our supply chain wins because we drive value to our clients’ businesses where they need it: Sales and Business Development. We don’t have to battle the market each year to buy the lowest price hemp to maximize our profits for this harvest. Our farmers are the same each season and we win together.

  • We offer a simplified single source ordering for a full suite of products and a white-label solution with bulk wholesale offerings.
  • Our just-in-time delivery service allows our customers to free up working capital.
  • We strongly maintain consistency of product quality and surety of supply.
  • We believe in having hands-on influence with our vertical supply partners and having redundancy in our supply chain so we can de-risk our supply vulnerability.

Nano Technology


Within the CBD manufacturing arena, Water-Soluble-Nano enhanced CBD product formulations are becoming more wide-spread. Nano technology has a 99% absorption and overall higher product effec- tiveness. A more efficient product, which provides faster results, is going to win every time for both you and your customers.

Our material are mixed with advanced protective, encapsulating mol- ecules that stabilize the Cannabidiol and other compounds;

Protecting them from oxidation and unwanted chemical inter- actions. This mixture allows us to be able to create a self-con- tained particle in a selected size, ranging of 10 nm (liquids) and 200 nm in diameter, designed to maintain its integrity when mixed with other materials. Therefore, it can easily pass through the mucous membranes or the epidermis, interacting with the tissues and cells.

Each Nanoparticle will present individual doses of CBD to the tissues and cells, with the smallest moving fastest, and the others not far behind. Effects will be seen more quickly, with little waste; unlike conventional CBD products not currently taking advantage of nanotechnology.

Allows for maximum utilization of the Cannabidiol, meaning: less material is used to achieve the same results as conventional CBD products, which have higher CBD content (and price).


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