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Novel Foods & Certification

Food and supplements in the UK that contain CBD should be classed as a novel food and should therefore require a novel foods licence. However, in reality, CBD products are sold as food and supplements in mainstream retail stores out in the open. The authorities are operating a ‘light touch’ policy, and this allows the market to thrive.
However, by 2022, all CBD products will require a novel foods licence to be sold in the UK. This will result in the removal of any producers unable to meet the strict novel foods standards.
FarmCeutia is currently in the process of applying for its novel foods licence, which will put it in prime position to take advantage of the upcoming industry regulations. This will allow FarmCeutica to supply the UK market with high quality products in a way that most other current industry suppliers cannot.


In January 2019, with no clear history of human consumption in the EU or else- where prior to 1997, The European Food Safety Authority found that Cannabis L. Sativa and its extracts are Novel Foods, under Regulation (EU) 2015/2283 (“the Novel Food Regulation”).

All extracts of hemp and derived products containing cannabinoids, including CBD, are now regarded by the European Commission as novel.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA), the UK’s regulator for food standards, accepts the EFSA clarification, and by 2022 all UK CBD businesses trading consumed products will need to ensure their products have undergone the necessary safety assessment to gain Novel Foods approval.


As our name FarmCeutica suggests, since our company’s creation we have always planned on positioning ourselves to support what we believe would be the pharmaceutical side of the CBD in- dustry. The most important factor we believed would be greenhouse−grown hemp to support this.

FarmCeutica has control of over 5M sq ft of green- house space in the US, guaranteeing a strong base supply of the purest hemp to support the manu- facturing of this highly regulated Novel Food re- quirement.

FarmCeutica will work with ACI to apply for our Novel Foods Certification.


GMP, as it is commonly known, is a codified set of rules and regulations that ensure the quality, safety and efficacy of a drug. It covers all aspects of the production process and is audited and certified by regulatory agencies. GMP certification is generally a prerequisite to the export of medical cannabinoids.

FarmCeutica will apply for its EU GMP certification under the authority of Upper Bavaria, Germany. Widely known as having the most stringent of requirements for GMP certification in the world, FarmCeutica will:

Ensure our products are compliant with the highest quality standard.

Give our product a reputational advantage through the highest certifications.

Be able to conduct business across borders in Europe.


The Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) is the part of any drug that produces the intended effects and is a requirement component certification for the research and development or manufacturing of any drug.

Achieving an API Certification on our cannabinoid extraction will allow FarmCeutica to participate in the distribution opportunities for the growing number of international pharma manufactures that are looking to the opportunity of CBD product formulations.


  • Offer top-quality products with no heavy metals or pesticides.
  • Supply high purity 99%+ isolates and 90%+ distillates.
  • Offer just-in-time supply service. Our clients don’t prepay for their product before it is made or shipped. They only pay once the product has landed free-and-clear in the UK.
  • Our clients have active involvement and influence in our supply chain, down to the seed genetics. We can provide full chain-of-custody documentation on
    our product.
  • Have strategic and loyal lab partners that deliver consistently as we provide consistent raw materials that require minimum re-calibration batch after batch.
  • Our supply is greenhouse based. When you control the environment of the hemp plant, you can more easily control the results.


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